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Buy American

We are a Non-for-Profit Organization with citizens on a mission to build jobs in America, through fundraising with American made products, services, awareness campaigns and donations. We wish to encourage others in the market of fundraising to promote and sell more American made products, be creatively inspired and realize through promoting newer and preexisting products, generated right here in The United States, we will build and stabilize jobs in America.  Below you will find a list of what we have been doing, as well as, a list of company websites to help you in your search for American Products you can utilize in your fundraising efforts. 

The necessary change we need to make is our mindset; every purchase will secure and build jobs.  Where are you building?  How are your building?

In 2011, The National Retail Federation estimated “The average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion”. ABC’s World News by Diane Sawyer reported “If that money was spent entirely on US made products it would create 4.6 million jobs. But it doesn't even have to be that big. If each of us spent just $64 on American made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs.”  

Many organizations have the ability to purchase in high volume and store products as fundraising brokers. As an individual, I requested one broker to purchase and make more American products available for fundraising and they said it is not beneficial for their bottom line.

Our bottom line is unemployment. Through fundraising of American products and donations we will feed the demand of the American products to those who are interested to build and stabilize jobs in America and in turn, feed organizations whose missions benefit the communities where we live and work.

Throughout the year 2014, A DAY TO MARKET AMERICA is raising funds for Habitat for Humanity and a variety causes, through the sales of American made products, educational seminars and awareness campaigns.

We invite you to participate in our mission and join our campaign or help us increase our purchasing power to feed the demand of the American products and services and together, we will raise money for a variety of causes and build jobs right here at home.
As Americans, I believe we need to make an oath to ourselves, to invest in America buy American made products and services. Teach our children how we will build jobs. Change their mindset. It's not just another fundraiser. 

How do I Help Now! I'm Glad You Asked.

Your donations help us increase our purchasing power of American Products, Services and Awareness Campaigns and help us continue to spread our message as we raise funds for a variety of causes. 

Sell American
Find American made products and help sell them.  Share your ideas with us and help spread the word.
Host United States of America made products and services parties.
Have a business idea, get help making it real.

Buy American

Bring American made goods to your friends house, I don't care if it's candy or dog soap.
Look before you buy that item your looking at, is it made in the United States of America.
Encourage Public and Private schools to use American Made Products in their Art Projects.   
I believe American Tax Payers have the right to see Made in America on the back of our children's school folders.  Share this with your local school board, PTA, PTO or anyone in the market of fundraising

Set Goals
Invest in yourself through education, whether it be reading or taking a class online or your local park district.
Challenge your friends  in sales of American Made Products. 
Purchase more American Made Products in this year than you have in the past.  You know what you need.

Spread the Word
Sing a song on your favorite public website showing America that YOU ARE IN and will motivate others to buy American Products. Karaoke your heart off!  We'll share it here if you like!
Help plant the seed. Every time you walk into a store, ask if they have a made in The United States of America section.
Inform store associates and store owners that you are looking for The United States of American Made Products.
Help sell and Promote educational resources, such as baby sitting classes through your local Fire Department.

Encourage your schools and your children to be the top seller of the American Made Products.
Find your favorite Non for Profit organization and raise money for them through selling American Made Products.
If you see a union member picketing, stand with him or her for 5 minutes or honk as you drive by.  They are there to fight for your rights.

Get Involved
Get involved with your local community.
Support and encourage fundraisers that host American Made Merchandise.
Vote for candidates who support building jobs in America and have proved it.
Support your local Unions.

Re-purpose, Reuse, Re Store: shop Habitat for Humanity Restore.  I shop the store in Chicago Heights, Illinois.  This helps keep stuff from our landfills and keeps the dollars in the community!

Repeat. Smile, Repeat, Smile, Repeat :)

These are a few of the things we are doing.  If it inspires you to Buy American Made Products, God Bless.
If you inspire others to Buy American Made Products, you are contributing to building jobs in America.

The following is a list we have compiled in our search for American Products to use in fundraising.  There are many others out and feel free to share with us, when you find more.  We do not belong to any of the following companies, receive credit for your connection or guarantee their products, however, they are working and with your help, will grow as you raise funds for your cause.

How to Buy American with Roger Simmermaker 

Artful Vision hosts artist products where a percentage of their sales go to charity.

Contact Eileen Savage to make arrangements in purchasing pencils to sell for charity

American Made Dorm 

American Traditions Baskets

American Fundraising

Rada Cutlery

Custom Fundraising Products

Made in America Store has a well rounded stock of merchandise and continues to grow. Contact them for bulk pricing.


Save Our Country First

If you are looking to preorder American Products to sell in your next fundraiser, Amazon may have it for you at the right price.

My Custom Gift Shop

Schoolkidz has offered a larger list than what is readily available on their website and offered opportunities for fundraising of American with a signed waiver. Speak with their staff direct.

U.S. Grown Foods has an incredible opportunity to sell canned goods as fundraisers.  

Solar LED Flashlights 

Our best interest is the jobs in America. Spread the word. It's not just another fundraiser. Building Jobs while you fundraise.

Philanthropy Journal-Fundraisers Urged Be Brokers



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